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March 1: Presenter: Karen Linn, Coordinator: John Collins
AFFIRMATIONS AS A SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: One’s affirmations are simply your “Authenticity” represented in your “To Be List” which morphs into the affirmations by which you educate your subconscious which ruminates into your life through “Meditation”.

March 8: Presenter: Laura Armstrong, Coordinator: Jim Armstrong
LAUGHTER SUNDAY, Version 2 We will enjoy the most delightful of stress reducers: the good laugh. After a few observations on the nature of laughter as spiritual practice, we will open the floor for the fellowship to share jokes, puns and humorous anecdotes.

March 15: Presenter: Alan Dunbar, Coordinator: Laura Armstrong
THE POWER OF SONG As long as humanity has written about music, writers have noted music’s particular powers of connecting people to something beyond themselves. Music often seems to express the inexpressible and transcend boundaries, be they geographical, cultural, or linguistic. While music can be very personal, it is a common human language, one that speaks of our shared hopes and of our shared human experience. In my discussion of the spiritual dimensions of music, I will focus on the power of song – the unique combination of music and text – as a tool for connecting both with the larger world around us and also with our inner spiritual lives.


March 22: Presenter: Brianna Melom, Coordinator: Sarah Dixen
A TAPESTRY OF HOPE Karen Armstrong says, “Like art, religion is an imaginative and creative effort to find meaning and value in human life.” The seventh Unitarian Universalist principle invites us into the art of seeing the connectns that bind us to one other and all existence.  These connections offer a profound opportunity to infuse our lives with a deeper sense of meaning.  In the heart of winter, when our daily experience may be touched with loneliness, we gather to generate the warmth of support and hope — and to be reminded of the many ways our lives are inextricably woven into the larger tapestry of all life.

March 29: Presenter: Audrey Kingstrom, Coordinator: Bob Youngerman
HUMANISM: Bridging the divide between moral authority and moral relativism.

Services are held at 10 am each Sunday, from September to May in Lourdes Hall, 457 Gould St., Winona. All are welcome to come for Silent Meditation (with brief meditation instructions) at 9am Sundays in the K-4 classroom. People who like to sing are encouraged to “warm up” their voices with Nancy at 9:45 am before the Sunday Services.