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Sunday services are at 10 am at Lourdes Hall, 457 Gould Street in Winona.

In order to make our service more handicap accessible and welcoming to people with mobility problems, we have moved our main entrance to the Howard Street entrance where there is an elevator.  Our outside sign is placed by this door and magnetic signs are posted directing people to the UU service and Quaker Meeting. 
CANCELLATION POLICY: Sunday services may be canceled due to bad weather (e.g. snowstorm, heavy rain, icy conditions). Check this website for notification after 8:00 AM Sunday morning. A notification email also may go out, so watch your email inbox. Regardless of any official decision, please consider your local weather condition and use common sense if you venture out in bad weather.


April 30  Presenter: Tove Wiggs, Coordinator John Chernega
Exploring how family can be much greater than genetic relations.

May 7  Presenter: Ahmed El-Afandi; Coordinator: Laura Armstrong
Effects of changes in law and attitude towards Muslims in America and response of Muslims to the new environment, with emphasis on the Winona community.  Possible emphasis on refugees, Islamophobia, and cultural accommodation.

May 14 Coordinator: Deb Ward
FLOWER SERVICE: Mother’s Day Edition
The Flower Service is a traditional UU celebration of spring and this year, it also falls on Mother’s Day.  The service was created by Norbert Capek who founded the Unitarian Church in Prague.  He wanted a unique celebration that would not alienate any who had left other religious traditions.  In our version of the service, we encourage all members of the fellowship to bring a flower that is blooming in their yards (or a purchased blossom) and place it in a vase which will be on our “Joys and Concerns” table.  After a brief presentation, the children of the fellowship will redistribute these to all in a gesture of hope and community. We will also spend a few moments reflecting about Mother’s Day, its history and what it means to us spiritually.

May 21 Coordinator: John Chernega
The Hope Service is our final service of the year. On Hope Service Sunday, we welcome new members, dedicate children, congratulate our graduating seniors, and share a message of hope for a safe and fulfilling summer.

 SUMMER BREAK BEGINS: Services resume in September

All religions, all this singing, one song. The differences are just illusion and vanity.
The sun’s light looks a little different on this wall than it does on that wall, and a lot different on this other one,
but it’s still one light.